class langchain_core.tracers.schemas.Run[source]

Bases: RunBase

Run schema for the V2 API in the Tracer.

Create a new model by parsing and validating input data from keyword arguments.

Raises ValidationError if the input data cannot be parsed to form a valid model.

param child_runs: List[Run] [Optional]
param dotted_order: Optional[str] = None
param end_time: Optional[datetime] = None

End time of the run, if applicable.

param error: Optional[str] = None

Error message, if the run encountered any issues.

param events: List[Dict[str, Any]] [Optional]

List of events associated with the run, like start and end events.

param extra: Optional[dict] = None

Additional metadata or settings related to the run.

param id: UUID [Required]

Unique identifier for the run.

param inputs: dict [Optional]

Inputs used for the run.

param name: str [Required]

Human-readable name for the run.

param outputs: Optional[dict] = None

Outputs generated by the run, if any.

param parent_run_id: Optional[UUID] = None

Identifier for a parent run, if this run is a sub-run.

param reference_example_id: Optional[UUID] = None

Reference to an example that this run may be based on.

param run_type: str [Required]

The type of run, such as tool, chain, llm, retriever, embedding, prompt, parser.

param serialized: Optional[dict] = None

Serialized object that executed the run for potential reuse.

param start_time: datetime [Required]

Start time of the run.

param tags: Optional[List[str]] [Optional]

Tags for categorizing or annotating the run.

param trace_id: Optional[UUID] = None
property metadata: dict[str, Any]

Retrieve the metadata (if any).

property revision_id: Optional[UUID]

Retrieve the revision ID (if any).

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