langchain_cohere.react_multi_hop.agent.create_cohere_react_agent(llm: BaseLanguageModel, tools: Sequence[BaseTool], prompt: ChatPromptTemplate) Runnable[source]¶

Create an agent that enables multiple tools to be used in sequence to complete a task.


A Runnable sequence representing an agent. It takes as input all the same input variables as the prompt passed in does and returns a List[AgentAction] or a single AgentFinish.

The AgentFinish will have two fields: * output: str - The output string generated by the model * citations: List[CohereCitation] - A list of citations that refer to the

output and observations made by the agent. If there are no citations this list will be empty.

Return type



. code-block:: python

from langchain.agents import AgentExecutor from langchain.prompts import ChatPromptTemplate from langchain_cohere import ChatCohere, create_cohere_react_agent

prompt = ChatPromptTemplate.from_template(“{input}”) tools = [] # Populate this with a list of tools you would like to use.

llm = ChatCohere()

agent = create_cohere_react_agent(

llm, tools, prompt

) agent_executor = AgentExecutor(agent=agent, tools=tools)


“input”: “In what year was the company that was founded as Sound of Music added to the S&P 500?”,