class langchain.graphs.kuzu_graph.KuzuGraph(db: Any, database: str = 'kuzu')[source]

Kùzu wrapper for graph operations.

Security note: Make sure that the database connection uses credentials

that are narrowly-scoped to only include necessary permissions. Failure to do so may result in data corruption or loss, since the calling code may attempt commands that would result in deletion, mutation of data if appropriately prompted or reading sensitive data if such data is present in the database. The best way to guard against such negative outcomes is to (as appropriate) limit the permissions granted to the credentials used with this tool.

See for more information.



Returns the schema of the Kùzu database


__init__(db[, database])

query(query[, params])

Query Kùzu database


Refreshes the Kùzu graph schema information

__init__(db: Any, database: str = 'kuzu') None[source]
query(query: str, params: dict = {}) List[Dict[str, Any]][source]

Query Kùzu database

refresh_schema() None[source]

Refreshes the Kùzu graph schema information

Examples using KuzuGraph