langchain.chains.sql_database.query.create_sql_query_chain(llm: BaseLanguageModel, db: SQLDatabase, prompt: Optional[BasePromptTemplate] = None, k: int = 5) Runnable[Union[SQLInput, SQLInputWithTables], str][source]

Create a chain that generates SQL queries.

Security Note: This chain generates SQL queries for the given database.

The SQLDatabase class provides a get_table_info method that can be used to get column information as well as sample data from the table.

To mitigate risk of leaking sensitive data, limit permissions to read and scope to the tables that are needed.

Optionally, use the SQLInputWithTables input type to specify which tables are allowed to be accessed.

Control access to who can submit requests to this chain.

See for more information.

  • llm – The language model to use

  • db – The SQLDatabase to generate the query for

  • prompt – The prompt to use. If none is provided, will choose one based on dialect. Defaults to None.

  • k – The number of results per select statement to return. Defaults to 5.


A chain that takes in a question and generates a SQL query that answers that question.

Examples using create_sql_query_chain