langchain.agents.load_tools.load_tools(tool_names: List[str], llm: Optional[BaseLanguageModel] = None, callbacks: Optional[Union[List[BaseCallbackHandler], BaseCallbackManager]] = None, **kwargs: Any) List[BaseTool][source]

Load tools based on their name.

Tools allow agents to interact with various resources and services like APIs, databases, file systems, etc.

Please scope the permissions of each tools to the minimum required for the application.

For example, if an application only needs to read from a database, the database tool should not be given write permissions. Moreover consider scoping the permissions to only allow accessing specific tables and impose user-level quota for limiting resource usage.

Please read the APIs of the individual tools to determine which configuration they support.

See [Security]( for more information.

  • tool_names – name of tools to load.

  • llm – An optional language model, may be needed to initialize certain tools.

  • callbacks – Optional callback manager or list of callback handlers. If not provided, default global callback manager will be used.


List of tools.

Examples using load_tools