class langchain_community.agent_toolkits.file_management.toolkit.FileManagementToolkit[source]

Bases: BaseToolkit

Toolkit for interacting with local files.

Security Notice: This toolkit provides methods to interact with local files.

If providing this toolkit to an agent on an LLM, ensure you scope the agent’s permissions to only include the necessary permissions to perform the desired operations.

By default the agent will have access to all files within the root dir and will be able to Copy, Delete, Move, Read, Write and List files in that directory.

Consider the following: - Limit access to particular directories using root_dir. - Use filesystem permissions to restrict access and permissions to only

the files and directories required by the agent.

  • Limit the tools available to the agent to only the file operations necessary for the agent’s intended use.

  • Sandbox the agent by running it in a container.

See for more information.

  • root_dir – Optional. The root directory to perform file operations. If not provided, file operations are performed relative to the current working directory.

  • selected_tools – Optional. The tools to include in the toolkit. If not provided, all tools are included.

Create a new model by parsing and validating input data from keyword arguments.

Raises ValidationError if the input data cannot be parsed to form a valid model.

param root_dir: Optional[str] = None

If specified, all file operations are made relative to root_dir.

param selected_tools: Optional[List[str]] = None

If provided, only provide the selected tools. Defaults to all.

get_tools() List[BaseTool][source]

Get the tools in the toolkit.

Return type


Examples using FileManagementToolkit