Source code for langchain_experimental.tot.memory

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import List, Optional

from langchain_experimental.tot.thought import Thought

[docs]class ToTDFSMemory: """ Memory for the Tree of Thought (ToT) chain. It is implemented as a stack of thoughts. This allows for a depth first search (DFS) of the ToT. """
[docs] def __init__(self, stack: Optional[List[Thought]] = None): self.stack: List[Thought] = stack or []
[docs] def top(self) -> Optional[Thought]: "Get the top of the stack without popping it." return self.stack[-1] if len(self.stack) > 0 else None
[docs] def pop(self, n: int = 1) -> Optional[Thought]: "Pop the top n elements of the stack and return the last one." if len(self.stack) < n: return None for _ in range(n): node = self.stack.pop() return node
[docs] def top_parent(self) -> Optional[Thought]: "Get the parent of the top of the stack without popping it." return self.stack[-2] if len(self.stack) > 1 else None
[docs] def store(self, node: Thought) -> None: "Add a node on the top of the stack." if len(self.stack) > 0: self.stack[-1].children.add(node) self.stack.append(node)
@property def level(self) -> int: "Return the current level of the stack." return len(self.stack)
[docs] def current_path(self) -> List[Thought]: "Return the thoughts path." return self.stack[:]