Source code for langchain_experimental.rl_chain.model_repository

import datetime
import glob
import logging
import os
import shutil
from pathlib import Path
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, List, Union

    import vowpal_wabbit_next as vw

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ModelRepository: """Model Repository."""
[docs] def __init__( self, folder: Union[str, os.PathLike], with_history: bool = True, reset: bool = False, ): self.folder = Path(folder) self.model_path = self.folder / "latest.vw" self.with_history = with_history if reset and self.has_history(): logger.warning( "There is non empty history which is recommended to be cleaned up" ) if self.model_path.exists(): os.remove(self.model_path) self.folder.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True)
[docs] def get_tag(self) -> str: return"%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")
[docs] def has_history(self) -> bool: return len(glob.glob(str(self.folder / "model-????????-??????.vw"))) > 0
[docs] def save(self, workspace: "vw.Workspace") -> None: with open(self.model_path, "wb") as f:"storing rl_chain model in: {self.model_path}") f.write(workspace.serialize()) if self.with_history: # write history shutil.copyfile(self.model_path, self.folder / f"model-{self.get_tag()}.vw")
[docs] def load(self, commandline: List[str]) -> "vw.Workspace": try: import vowpal_wabbit_next as vw except ImportError as e: raise ImportError( "Unable to import vowpal_wabbit_next, please install with " "`pip install vowpal_wabbit_next`." ) from e model_data = None if self.model_path.exists(): with open(self.model_path, "rb") as f: model_data = if model_data:"rl_chain model is loaded from: {self.model_path}") return vw.Workspace(commandline, model_data=model_data) return vw.Workspace(commandline)