Source code for langchain_core.utils.strings

from typing import Any, List

[docs]def stringify_value(val: Any) -> str: """Stringify a value. Args: val: The value to stringify. Returns: str: The stringified value. """ if isinstance(val, str): return val elif isinstance(val, dict): return "\n" + stringify_dict(val) elif isinstance(val, list): return "\n".join(stringify_value(v) for v in val) else: return str(val)
[docs]def stringify_dict(data: dict) -> str: """Stringify a dictionary. Args: data: The dictionary to stringify. Returns: str: The stringified dictionary. """ text = "" for key, value in data.items(): text += key + ": " + stringify_value(value) + "\n" return text
[docs]def comma_list(items: List[Any]) -> str: """Convert a list to a comma-separated string.""" return ", ".join(str(item) for item in items)