Source code for langchain_core.prompts.image

from typing import Any, List

from langchain_core.prompt_values import ImagePromptValue, ImageURL, PromptValue
from langchain_core.prompts.base import BasePromptTemplate
from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import Field
from langchain_core.runnables import run_in_executor
from langchain_core.utils import image as image_utils

[docs]class ImagePromptTemplate(BasePromptTemplate[ImageURL]): """Image prompt template for a multimodal model.""" template: dict = Field(default_factory=dict) """Template for the prompt.""" def __init__(self, **kwargs: Any) -> None: if "input_variables" not in kwargs: kwargs["input_variables"] = [] overlap = set(kwargs["input_variables"]) & set(("url", "path", "detail")) if overlap: raise ValueError( "input_variables for the image template cannot contain" " any of 'url', 'path', or 'detail'." f" Found: {overlap}" ) super().__init__(**kwargs) @property def _prompt_type(self) -> str: """Return the prompt type key.""" return "image-prompt"
[docs] @classmethod def get_lc_namespace(cls) -> List[str]: """Get the namespace of the langchain object.""" return ["langchain", "prompts", "image"]
[docs] def format_prompt(self, **kwargs: Any) -> PromptValue: return ImagePromptValue(image_url=self.format(**kwargs))
[docs] async def aformat_prompt(self, **kwargs: Any) -> PromptValue: return ImagePromptValue(image_url=await self.aformat(**kwargs))
[docs] def format( self, **kwargs: Any, ) -> ImageURL: """Format the prompt with the inputs. Args: kwargs: Any arguments to be passed to the prompt template. Returns: A formatted string. Example: .. code-block:: python prompt.format(variable1="foo") """ formatted = {} for k, v in self.template.items(): if isinstance(v, str): formatted[k] = v.format(**kwargs) else: formatted[k] = v url = kwargs.get("url") or formatted.get("url") path = kwargs.get("path") or formatted.get("path") detail = kwargs.get("detail") or formatted.get("detail") if not url and not path: raise ValueError("Must provide either url or path.") if not url: if not isinstance(path, str): raise ValueError("path must be a string.") url = image_utils.image_to_data_url(path) if not isinstance(url, str): raise ValueError("url must be a string.") output: ImageURL = {"url": url} if detail: # Don't check literal values here: let the API check them output["detail"] = detail # type: ignore[typeddict-item] return output
[docs] async def aformat(self, **kwargs: Any) -> ImageURL: return await run_in_executor(None, self.format, **kwargs)
[docs] def pretty_repr(self, html: bool = False) -> str: raise NotImplementedError()