Source code for langchain_core.output_parsers.string

from typing import List

from langchain_core.output_parsers.transform import BaseTransformOutputParser

[docs]class StrOutputParser(BaseTransformOutputParser[str]): """OutputParser that parses LLMResult into the top likely string."""
[docs] @classmethod def is_lc_serializable(cls) -> bool: """Return whether this class is serializable.""" return True
[docs] @classmethod def get_lc_namespace(cls) -> List[str]: """Get the namespace of the langchain object.""" return ["langchain", "schema", "output_parser"]
@property def _type(self) -> str: """Return the output parser type for serialization.""" return "default"
[docs] def parse(self, text: str) -> str: """Returns the input text with no changes.""" return text