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from typing import Any, Dict, List, Literal, Optional, Union

from typing_extensions import TypedDict

from langchain_core.messages.base import (
from langchain_core.messages.tool import (
from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import root_validator
from langchain_core.utils._merge import merge_dicts, merge_lists
from langchain_core.utils.json import (

[docs]class UsageMetadata(TypedDict): """Usage metadata for a message, such as token counts. Attributes: input_tokens: (int) count of input (or prompt) tokens output_tokens: (int) count of output (or completion) tokens total_tokens: (int) total token count """ input_tokens: int output_tokens: int total_tokens: int
[docs]class AIMessage(BaseMessage): """Message from an AI.""" example: bool = False """Whether this Message is being passed in to the model as part of an example conversation. """ tool_calls: List[ToolCall] = [] """If provided, tool calls associated with the message.""" invalid_tool_calls: List[InvalidToolCall] = [] """If provided, tool calls with parsing errors associated with the message.""" usage_metadata: Optional[UsageMetadata] = None """If provided, usage metadata for a message, such as token counts. This is a standard representation of token usage that is consistent across models. """ type: Literal["ai"] = "ai"
[docs] @classmethod def get_lc_namespace(cls) -> List[str]: """Get the namespace of the langchain object.""" return ["langchain", "schema", "messages"]
@property def lc_attributes(self) -> Dict: """Attrs to be serialized even if they are derived from other init args.""" return { "tool_calls": self.tool_calls, "invalid_tool_calls": self.invalid_tool_calls, } @root_validator() def _backwards_compat_tool_calls(cls, values: dict) -> dict: raw_tool_calls = values.get("additional_kwargs", {}).get("tool_calls") tool_calls = ( values.get("tool_calls") or values.get("invalid_tool_calls") or values.get("tool_call_chunks") ) if raw_tool_calls and not tool_calls: try: if issubclass(cls, AIMessageChunk): # type: ignore values["tool_call_chunks"] = default_tool_chunk_parser( raw_tool_calls ) else: tool_calls, invalid_tool_calls = default_tool_parser(raw_tool_calls) values["tool_calls"] = tool_calls values["invalid_tool_calls"] = invalid_tool_calls except Exception: pass return values
[docs] def pretty_repr(self, html: bool = False) -> str: """Return a pretty representation of the message.""" base = super().pretty_repr(html=html) lines = [] def _format_tool_args(tc: Union[ToolCall, InvalidToolCall]) -> List[str]: lines = [ f" {tc.get('name', 'Tool')} ({tc.get('id')})", f" Call ID: {tc.get('id')}", ] if tc.get("error"): lines.append(f" Error: {tc.get('error')}") lines.append(" Args:") args = tc.get("args") if isinstance(args, str): lines.append(f" {args}") elif isinstance(args, dict): for arg, value in args.items(): lines.append(f" {arg}: {value}") return lines if self.tool_calls: lines.append("Tool Calls:") for tc in self.tool_calls: lines.extend(_format_tool_args(tc)) if self.invalid_tool_calls: lines.append("Invalid Tool Calls:") for itc in self.invalid_tool_calls: lines.extend(_format_tool_args(itc)) return (base.strip() + "\n" + "\n".join(lines)).strip()
[docs]class AIMessageChunk(AIMessage, BaseMessageChunk): """Message chunk from an AI.""" # Ignoring mypy re-assignment here since we're overriding the value # to make sure that the chunk variant can be discriminated from the # non-chunk variant. type: Literal["AIMessageChunk"] = "AIMessageChunk" # type: ignore[assignment] tool_call_chunks: List[ToolCallChunk] = [] """If provided, tool call chunks associated with the message."""
[docs] @classmethod def get_lc_namespace(cls) -> List[str]: """Get the namespace of the langchain object.""" return ["langchain", "schema", "messages"]
@property def lc_attributes(self) -> Dict: """Attrs to be serialized even if they are derived from other init args.""" return { "tool_calls": self.tool_calls, "invalid_tool_calls": self.invalid_tool_calls, } @root_validator() def init_tool_calls(cls, values: dict) -> dict: if not values["tool_call_chunks"]: values["tool_calls"] = [] values["invalid_tool_calls"] = [] return values tool_calls = [] invalid_tool_calls = [] for chunk in values["tool_call_chunks"]: try: args_ = parse_partial_json(chunk["args"]) if isinstance(args_, dict): tool_calls.append( ToolCall( name=chunk["name"] or "", args=args_, id=chunk["id"], ) ) else: raise ValueError("Malformed args.") except Exception: invalid_tool_calls.append( InvalidToolCall( name=chunk["name"], args=chunk["args"], id=chunk["id"], error=None, ) ) values["tool_calls"] = tool_calls values["invalid_tool_calls"] = invalid_tool_calls return values def __add__(self, other: Any) -> BaseMessageChunk: # type: ignore if isinstance(other, AIMessageChunk): if self.example != other.example: raise ValueError( "Cannot concatenate AIMessageChunks with different example values." ) content = merge_content(self.content, other.content) additional_kwargs = merge_dicts( self.additional_kwargs, other.additional_kwargs ) response_metadata = merge_dicts( self.response_metadata, other.response_metadata ) # Merge tool call chunks if self.tool_call_chunks or other.tool_call_chunks: raw_tool_calls = merge_lists( self.tool_call_chunks, other.tool_call_chunks, ) if raw_tool_calls: tool_call_chunks = [ ToolCallChunk( name=rtc.get("name"), args=rtc.get("args"), index=rtc.get("index"), id=rtc.get("id"), ) for rtc in raw_tool_calls ] else: tool_call_chunks = [] else: tool_call_chunks = [] # Token usage if self.usage_metadata or other.usage_metadata: left: UsageMetadata = self.usage_metadata or UsageMetadata( input_tokens=0, output_tokens=0, total_tokens=0 ) right: UsageMetadata = other.usage_metadata or UsageMetadata( input_tokens=0, output_tokens=0, total_tokens=0 ) usage_metadata: Optional[UsageMetadata] = { "input_tokens": left["input_tokens"] + right["input_tokens"], "output_tokens": left["output_tokens"] + right["output_tokens"], "total_tokens": left["total_tokens"] + right["total_tokens"], } else: usage_metadata = None return self.__class__( example=self.example, content=content, additional_kwargs=additional_kwargs, tool_call_chunks=tool_call_chunks, response_metadata=response_metadata, usage_metadata=usage_metadata,, ) return super().__add__(other)