Source code for langchain_core.load.dump

import json
from typing import Any, Dict

from langchain_core.load.serializable import Serializable, to_json_not_implemented

[docs]def default(obj: Any) -> Any: """Return a default value for a Serializable object or a SerializedNotImplemented object.""" if isinstance(obj, Serializable): return obj.to_json() else: return to_json_not_implemented(obj)
[docs]def dumps(obj: Any, *, pretty: bool = False, **kwargs: Any) -> str: """Return a json string representation of an object.""" if "default" in kwargs: raise ValueError("`default` should not be passed to dumps") try: if pretty: indent = kwargs.pop("indent", 2) return json.dumps(obj, default=default, indent=indent, **kwargs) else: return json.dumps(obj, default=default, **kwargs) except TypeError: if pretty: return json.dumps(to_json_not_implemented(obj), indent=indent, **kwargs) else: return json.dumps(to_json_not_implemented(obj), **kwargs)
[docs]def dumpd(obj: Any) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Return a json dict representation of an object.""" return json.loads(dumps(obj))