Source code for langchain_community.utilities.reddit_search

"""Wrapper for the Reddit API"""

from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional

from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import BaseModel, root_validator
from langchain_core.utils import get_from_dict_or_env

[docs]class RedditSearchAPIWrapper(BaseModel): """Wrapper for Reddit API To use, set the environment variables ``REDDIT_CLIENT_ID``, ``REDDIT_CLIENT_SECRET``, ``REDDIT_USER_AGENT`` to set the client ID, client secret, and user agent, respectively, as given by Reddit's API. Alternatively, all three can be supplied as named parameters in the constructor: ``reddit_client_id``, ``reddit_client_secret``, and ``reddit_user_agent``, respectively. Example: .. code-block:: python from langchain_community.utilities import RedditSearchAPIWrapper reddit_search = RedditSearchAPIWrapper() """ reddit_client: Any # Values required to access Reddit API via praw reddit_client_id: Optional[str] reddit_client_secret: Optional[str] reddit_user_agent: Optional[str] @root_validator() def validate_environment(cls, values: Dict) -> Dict: """Validate that the API ID, secret and user agent exists in environment and check that praw module is present. """ reddit_client_id = get_from_dict_or_env( values, "reddit_client_id", "REDDIT_CLIENT_ID" ) values["reddit_client_id"] = reddit_client_id reddit_client_secret = get_from_dict_or_env( values, "reddit_client_secret", "REDDIT_CLIENT_SECRET" ) values["reddit_client_secret"] = reddit_client_secret reddit_user_agent = get_from_dict_or_env( values, "reddit_user_agent", "REDDIT_USER_AGENT" ) values["reddit_user_agent"] = reddit_user_agent try: import praw except ImportError: raise ImportError( "praw package not found, please install it with pip install praw" ) reddit_client = praw.Reddit( client_id=reddit_client_id, client_secret=reddit_client_secret, user_agent=reddit_user_agent, ) values["reddit_client"] = reddit_client return values
[docs] def run( self, query: str, sort: str, time_filter: str, subreddit: str, limit: int ) -> str: """Search Reddit and return posts as a single string.""" results: List[Dict] = self.results( query=query, sort=sort, time_filter=time_filter, subreddit=subreddit, limit=limit, ) if len(results) > 0: output: List[str] = [f"Searching r/{subreddit} found {len(results)} posts:"] for r in results: category = "N/A" if r["post_category"] is None else r["post_category"] p = f"Post Title: '{r['post_title']}'\n\ User: {r['post_author']}\n\ Subreddit: {r['post_subreddit']}:\n\ Text body: {r['post_text']}\n\ Post URL: {r['post_url']}\n\ Post Category: {category}.\n\ Score: {r['post_score']}\n" output.append(p) return "\n".join(output) else: return f"Searching r/{subreddit} did not find any posts:"
[docs] def results( self, query: str, sort: str, time_filter: str, subreddit: str, limit: int ) -> List[Dict]: """Use praw to search Reddit and return a list of dictionaries, one for each post. """ subredditObject = self.reddit_client.subreddit(subreddit) search_results = query=query, sort=sort, time_filter=time_filter, limit=limit ) search_results = [r for r in search_results] results_object = [] for submission in search_results: results_object.append( { "post_subreddit": submission.subreddit_name_prefixed, "post_category": submission.category, "post_title": submission.title, "post_text": submission.selftext, "post_score": submission.score, "post_id":, "post_url": submission.url, "post_author":, } ) return results_object