Source code for langchain_community.utilities.astradb

from __future__ import annotations

import asyncio
import inspect
from asyncio import InvalidStateError, Task
from enum import Enum
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Awaitable, Optional, Union

    from astrapy.db import (

[docs]class SetupMode(Enum): """Setup mode for AstraDBEnvironment as enumerator.""" SYNC = 1 ASYNC = 2 OFF = 3
class _AstraDBEnvironment: def __init__( self, token: Optional[str] = None, api_endpoint: Optional[str] = None, astra_db_client: Optional[AstraDB] = None, async_astra_db_client: Optional[AsyncAstraDB] = None, namespace: Optional[str] = None, ) -> None: self.token = token self.api_endpoint = api_endpoint astra_db = astra_db_client async_astra_db = async_astra_db_client self.namespace = namespace try: from astrapy.db import ( AstraDB, AsyncAstraDB, ) except (ImportError, ModuleNotFoundError): raise ImportError( "Could not import a recent astrapy python package. " "Please install it with `pip install --upgrade astrapy`." ) # Conflicting-arg checks: if astra_db_client is not None or async_astra_db_client is not None: if token is not None or api_endpoint is not None: raise ValueError( "You cannot pass 'astra_db_client' or 'async_astra_db_client' to " "AstraDBEnvironment if passing 'token' and 'api_endpoint'." ) if token and api_endpoint: astra_db = AstraDB( token=token, api_endpoint=api_endpoint, namespace=self.namespace, ) async_astra_db = AsyncAstraDB( token=token, api_endpoint=api_endpoint, namespace=self.namespace, ) if astra_db: self.astra_db = astra_db if async_astra_db: self.async_astra_db = async_astra_db else: self.async_astra_db = AsyncAstraDB( token=self.astra_db.token, api_endpoint=self.astra_db.base_url, api_path=self.astra_db.api_path, api_version=self.astra_db.api_version, namespace=self.astra_db.namespace, ) elif async_astra_db: self.async_astra_db = async_astra_db self.astra_db = AstraDB( token=self.async_astra_db.token, api_endpoint=self.async_astra_db.base_url, api_path=self.async_astra_db.api_path, api_version=self.async_astra_db.api_version, namespace=self.async_astra_db.namespace, ) else: raise ValueError( "Must provide 'astra_db_client' or 'async_astra_db_client' or " "'token' and 'api_endpoint'" ) class _AstraDBCollectionEnvironment(_AstraDBEnvironment): def __init__( self, collection_name: str, token: Optional[str] = None, api_endpoint: Optional[str] = None, astra_db_client: Optional[AstraDB] = None, async_astra_db_client: Optional[AsyncAstraDB] = None, namespace: Optional[str] = None, setup_mode: SetupMode = SetupMode.SYNC, pre_delete_collection: bool = False, embedding_dimension: Union[int, Awaitable[int], None] = None, metric: Optional[str] = None, ) -> None: from astrapy.db import AstraDBCollection, AsyncAstraDBCollection super().__init__( token, api_endpoint, astra_db_client, async_astra_db_client, namespace ) self.collection_name = collection_name self.collection = AstraDBCollection( collection_name=collection_name, astra_db=self.astra_db, ) self.async_collection = AsyncAstraDBCollection( collection_name=collection_name, astra_db=self.async_astra_db, ) self.async_setup_db_task: Optional[Task] = None if setup_mode == SetupMode.ASYNC: async_astra_db = self.async_astra_db async def _setup_db() -> None: if pre_delete_collection: await async_astra_db.delete_collection(collection_name) if inspect.isawaitable(embedding_dimension): dimension = await embedding_dimension else: dimension = embedding_dimension await async_astra_db.create_collection( collection_name, dimension=dimension, metric=metric ) self.async_setup_db_task = asyncio.create_task(_setup_db()) elif setup_mode == SetupMode.SYNC: if pre_delete_collection: self.astra_db.delete_collection(collection_name) if inspect.isawaitable(embedding_dimension): raise ValueError( "Cannot use an awaitable embedding_dimension with async_setup " "set to False" ) self.astra_db.create_collection( collection_name, dimension=embedding_dimension, # type: ignore[arg-type] metric=metric, ) def ensure_db_setup(self) -> None: if self.async_setup_db_task: try: self.async_setup_db_task.result() except InvalidStateError: raise ValueError( "Asynchronous setup of the DB not finished. " "NB: AstraDB components sync methods shouldn't be called from the " "event loop. Consider using their async equivalents." ) async def aensure_db_setup(self) -> None: if self.async_setup_db_task: await self.async_setup_db_task