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from __future__ import annotations

import logging
from typing import Optional

from langchain_core.callbacks import CallbackManagerForToolRun

from import EdenaiTool

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class EdenAiParsingIDTool(EdenaiTool): """Tool that queries the Eden AI Identity parsing API. for api reference check edenai documentation: To use, you should have the environment variable ``EDENAI_API_KEY`` set with your API token. You can find your token here: """ name = "edenai_identity_parsing" description = ( "A wrapper around edenai Services Identity parsing. " "Useful for when you have to extract information from an ID Document " "Input should be the string url of the document to parse." ) feature = "ocr" subfeature = "identity_parser" language: Optional[str] = None """ language of the text passed to the model. """ def _parse_response(self, response: list) -> str: formatted_list: list = [] if len(response) == 1: self._parse_json_multilevel( response[0]["extracted_data"][0], formatted_list ) else: for entry in response: if entry.get("provider") == "eden-ai": self._parse_json_multilevel( entry["extracted_data"][0], formatted_list ) return "\n".join(formatted_list) def _run( self, query: str, run_manager: Optional[CallbackManagerForToolRun] = None, ) -> str: """Use the tool.""" query_params = { "file_url": query, "language": self.language, "attributes_as_list": False, } return self._call_eden_ai(query_params)