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import builtins
import json
from typing import Optional, Type, Union

from langchain_core.callbacks import AsyncCallbackManagerForToolRun
from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import BaseModel, Field

from import AINBaseTool, OperationType

[docs]class ValueSchema(BaseModel): """Schema for value operations.""" type: OperationType = Field(...) path: str = Field(..., description="Blockchain reference path") value: Optional[Union[int, str, float, dict]] = Field( None, description="Value to be set at the path" )
[docs]class AINValueOps(AINBaseTool): """Tool for value operations.""" name: str = "AINvalueOps" description: str = """ Covers the read and write value for the AINetwork Blockchain database. ## SET - Set a value at a given path ### Example - type: SET - path: /apps/langchain_test_1/object - value: {1: 2, "34": 56} ## GET - Retrieve a value at a given path ### Example - type: GET - path: /apps/langchain_test_1/DB ## Special paths - `/accounts/<address>/balance`: Account balance - `/accounts/<address>/nonce`: Account nonce - `/apps`: Applications - `/consensus`: Consensus - `/checkin`: Check-in - `/deposit/<service id>/<address>/<deposit id>`: Deposit - `/deposit_accounts/<service id>/<address>/<account id>`: Deposit accounts - `/escrow`: Escrow - `/payments`: Payment - `/sharding`: Sharding - `/token/name`: Token name - `/token/symbol`: Token symbol - `/token/total_supply`: Token total supply - `/transfer/<address from>/<address to>/<key>/value`: Transfer - `/withdraw/<service id>/<address>/<withdraw id>`: Withdraw """ args_schema: Type[BaseModel] = ValueSchema async def _arun( self, type: OperationType, path: str, value: Optional[Union[int, str, float, dict]] = None, run_manager: Optional[AsyncCallbackManagerForToolRun] = None, ) -> str: from ain.types import ValueOnlyTransactionInput try: if type is OperationType.SET: if value is None: raise ValueError("'value' is required for SET operation.") res = await self.interface.db.ref(path).setValue( transactionInput=ValueOnlyTransactionInput(value=value) ) elif type is OperationType.GET: res = await self.interface.db.ref(path).getValue() else: raise ValueError(f"Unsupported 'type': {type}.") return json.dumps(res, ensure_ascii=False) except Exception as e: return f"{builtins.type(e).__name__}: {str(e)}"