Source code for langchain_community.document_loaders.sharepoint

"""Loader that loads data from Sharepoint Document Library"""

from __future__ import annotations

import json
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, Iterator, List, Optional, Sequence

import requests
from langchain_core.document_loaders import BaseLoader
from langchain_core.documents import Document
from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import Field

from langchain_community.document_loaders.base_o365 import (
from langchain_community.document_loaders.parsers.registry import get_parser

[docs]class SharePointLoader(O365BaseLoader, BaseLoader): """Load from `SharePoint`.""" document_library_id: str = Field(...) """ The ID of the SharePoint document library to load data from.""" folder_path: Optional[str] = None """ The path to the folder to load data from.""" object_ids: Optional[List[str]] = None """ The IDs of the objects to load data from.""" folder_id: Optional[str] = None """ The ID of the folder to load data from.""" load_auth: Optional[bool] = False """ Whether to load authorization identities.""" token_path: Path = Path.home() / ".credentials" / "o365_token.txt" """ The path to the token to make api calls""" file_id: Optional[str] = None """ The ID of the file for which we need auth identities""" site_id: Optional[str] = None """ The ID of the Sharepoint site of the user where the file is present """ @property def _file_types(self) -> Sequence[_FileType]: """Return supported file types.""" return _FileType.DOC, _FileType.DOCX, _FileType.PDF @property def _scopes(self) -> List[str]: """Return required scopes.""" return ["sharepoint", "basic"]
[docs] def lazy_load(self) -> Iterator[Document]: """Load documents lazily. Use this when working at a large scale.""" try: from import Drive, Folder except ImportError: raise ImportError( "O365 package not found, please install it with `pip install o365`" ) drive = self._auth().storage().get_drive(self.document_library_id) if not isinstance(drive, Drive): raise ValueError(f"There isn't a Drive with id {self.document_library_id}.") blob_parser = get_parser("default") if self.folder_path: target_folder = drive.get_item_by_path(self.folder_path) if not isinstance(target_folder, Folder): raise ValueError(f"There isn't a folder with path {self.folder_path}.") for blob in self._load_from_folder(target_folder): if self.load_auth is True: for parsed_blob in blob_parser.lazy_parse(blob): auth_identities = self.authorized_identities() parsed_blob.metadata["authorized_identities"] = auth_identities yield parsed_blob else: yield from blob_parser.lazy_parse(blob) if self.folder_id: target_folder = drive.get_item(self.folder_id) if not isinstance(target_folder, Folder): raise ValueError(f"There isn't a folder with path {self.folder_path}.") for blob in self._load_from_folder(target_folder): yield from blob_parser.lazy_parse(blob) if self.object_ids: for blob in self._load_from_object_ids(drive, self.object_ids): yield from blob_parser.lazy_parse(blob) if not (self.folder_path or self.folder_id or self.object_ids): target_folder = drive.get_root_folder() if not isinstance(target_folder, Folder): raise ValueError("Unable to fetch root folder") for blob in self._load_from_folder(target_folder): for blob_part in blob_parser.lazy_parse(blob): blob_part.metadata.update(blob.metadata) yield blob_part
[docs] def authorized_identities(self) -> List: data = self._fetch_access_token() access_token = data.get("access_token") url = ( f"{self.site_id}/" f"drives/{self.document_library_id}/items/{self.file_id}/permissions" ) headers = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {access_token}"} response = requests.request("GET", url, headers=headers, data={}) groups_list = response.json() group_names = [] for group_data in groups_list.get("value"): if group_data.get("grantedToV2"): if group_data.get("grantedToV2").get("siteGroup"): site_data = group_data.get("grantedToV2").get("siteGroup") # print(group_data) group_names.append(site_data.get("displayName")) elif group_data.get("grantedToV2").get("group") or ( group_data.get("grantedToV2").get("user") ): site_data = group_data.get("grantedToV2").get("group") or ( group_data.get("grantedToV2").get("user") ) # print(group_data) group_names.append(site_data.get("displayName")) return group_names
def _fetch_access_token(self) -> Any: with open(self.token_path) as f: s = data = json.loads(s) return data