Source code for langchain_community.document_loaders.psychic

from typing import Iterator, Optional

from langchain_core.documents import Document

from langchain_community.document_loaders.base import BaseLoader

[docs]class PsychicLoader(BaseLoader): """Load from ``."""
[docs] def __init__( self, api_key: str, account_id: str, connector_id: Optional[str] = None ): """Initialize with API key, connector id, and account id. Args: api_key: The Psychic API key. account_id: The Psychic account id. connector_id: The Psychic connector id. """ try: from psychicapi import ConnectorId, Psychic except ImportError: raise ImportError( "`psychicapi` package not found, please run `pip install psychicapi`" ) self.psychic = Psychic(secret_key=api_key) self.connector_id = ConnectorId(connector_id) self.account_id = account_id
[docs] def lazy_load(self) -> Iterator[Document]: psychic_docs = self.psychic.get_documents( connector_id=self.connector_id, account_id=self.account_id ) for doc in psychic_docs.documents: yield Document( page_content=doc["content"], metadata={"title": doc["title"], "source": doc["uri"]}, )