Source code for langchain_community.document_loaders.parsers.language.cobol

import re
from typing import Callable, List

from langchain_community.document_loaders.parsers.language.code_segmenter import (

[docs]class CobolSegmenter(CodeSegmenter): """Code segmenter for `COBOL`.""" PARAGRAPH_PATTERN = re.compile(r"^[A-Z0-9\-]+(\s+.*)?\.$", re.IGNORECASE) DIVISION_PATTERN = re.compile( r"^\s*(IDENTIFICATION|DATA|PROCEDURE|ENVIRONMENT)\s+DIVISION.*$", re.IGNORECASE ) SECTION_PATTERN = re.compile(r"^\s*[A-Z0-9\-]+\s+SECTION.$", re.IGNORECASE)
[docs] def __init__(self, code: str): super().__init__(code) self.source_lines: List[str] = self.code.splitlines()
[docs] def is_valid(self) -> bool: # Identify presence of any division to validate COBOL code return any(self.DIVISION_PATTERN.match(line) for line in self.source_lines)
def _extract_code(self, start_idx: int, end_idx: int) -> str: return "\n".join(self.source_lines[start_idx:end_idx]).rstrip("\n") def _is_relevant_code(self, line: str) -> bool: """Check if a line is part of the procedure division or a relevant section.""" if "PROCEDURE DIVISION" in line.upper(): return True # Add additional conditions for relevant sections if needed return False def _process_lines(self, func: Callable) -> List[str]: """A generic function to process COBOL lines based on provided func.""" elements: List[str] = [] start_idx = None inside_relevant_section = False for i, line in enumerate(self.source_lines): if self._is_relevant_code(line): inside_relevant_section = True if inside_relevant_section and ( self.PARAGRAPH_PATTERN.match(line.strip().split(" ")[0]) or self.SECTION_PATTERN.match(line.strip()) ): if start_idx is not None: func(elements, start_idx, i) start_idx = i # Handle the last element if exists if start_idx is not None: func(elements, start_idx, len(self.source_lines)) return elements
[docs] def extract_functions_classes(self) -> List[str]: def extract_func(elements: List[str], start_idx: int, end_idx: int) -> None: elements.append(self._extract_code(start_idx, end_idx)) return self._process_lines(extract_func)
[docs] def simplify_code(self) -> str: simplified_lines: List[str] = [] inside_relevant_section = False omitted_code_added = ( False # To track if "* OMITTED CODE *" has been added after the last header ) for line in self.source_lines: is_header = ( "PROCEDURE DIVISION" in line or "DATA DIVISION" in line or "IDENTIFICATION DIVISION" in line or self.PARAGRAPH_PATTERN.match(line.strip().split(" ")[0]) or self.SECTION_PATTERN.match(line.strip()) ) if is_header: inside_relevant_section = True # Reset the flag since we're entering a new section/division or # paragraph omitted_code_added = False if inside_relevant_section: if is_header: # Add header and reset the omitted code added flag simplified_lines.append(line) elif not omitted_code_added: # Add omitted code comment only if it hasn't been added directly # after the last header simplified_lines.append("* OMITTED CODE *") omitted_code_added = True return "\n".join(simplified_lines)