Source code for langchain_community.document_loaders.ifixit

from typing import List, Optional

import requests
from langchain_core.documents import Document

from langchain_community.document_loaders.base import BaseLoader
from langchain_community.document_loaders.web_base import WebBaseLoader


[docs]class IFixitLoader(BaseLoader): """Load `iFixit` repair guides, device wikis and answers. iFixit is the largest, open repair community on the web. The site contains nearly 100k repair manuals, 200k Questions & Answers on 42k devices, and all the data is licensed under CC-BY. This loader will allow you to download the text of a repair guide, text of Q&A's and wikis from devices on iFixit using their open APIs and web scraping. """
[docs] def __init__(self, web_path: str): """Initialize with a web path.""" if not web_path.startswith(""): raise ValueError("web path must start with ''") path = web_path.replace("", "") allowed_paths = ["/Device", "/Guide", "/Answers", "/Teardown"] """ TODO: Add /Wiki """ if not any(path.startswith(allowed_path) for allowed_path in allowed_paths): raise ValueError( "web path must start with /Device, /Guide, /Teardown or /Answers" ) pieces = [x for x in path.split("/") if x] """Teardowns are just guides by a different name""" self.page_type = pieces[0] if pieces[0] != "Teardown" else "Guide" if self.page_type == "Guide" or self.page_type == "Answers": = pieces[2] else: = pieces[1] self.web_path = web_path
[docs] def load(self) -> List[Document]: if self.page_type == "Device": return self.load_device() elif self.page_type == "Guide" or self.page_type == "Teardown": return self.load_guide() elif self.page_type == "Answers": return self.load_questions_and_answers() else: raise ValueError("Unknown page type: " + self.page_type)
[docs] @staticmethod def load_suggestions(query: str = "", doc_type: str = "all") -> List[Document]: """Load suggestions. Args: query: A query string doc_type: The type of document to search for. Can be one of "all", "device", "guide", "teardown", "answer", "wiki". Returns: """ res = requests.get( IFIXIT_BASE_URL + "/suggest/" + query + "?doctypes=" + doc_type ) if res.status_code != 200: raise ValueError( 'Could not load suggestions for "' + query + '"\n' + res.json() ) data = res.json() results = data["results"] output = [] for result in results: try: loader = IFixitLoader(result["url"]) if loader.page_type == "Device": output += loader.load_device(include_guides=False) else: output += loader.load() except ValueError: continue return output
[docs] def load_questions_and_answers( self, url_override: Optional[str] = None ) -> List[Document]: """Load a list of questions and answers. Args: url_override: A URL to override the default URL. Returns: List[Document] """ loader = WebBaseLoader(self.web_path if url_override is None else url_override) soup = loader.scrape() output = [] title = soup.find("h1", "post-title").text output.append("# " + title) output.append(soup.select_one(".post-content .post-text").text.strip()) answersHeader = soup.find("div", "post-answers-header") if answersHeader: output.append("\n## " + answersHeader.text.strip()) for answer in".js-answers-list"): if answer.has_attr("itemprop") and "acceptedAnswer" in answer["itemprop"]: output.append("\n### Accepted Answer") elif "post-helpful" in answer["class"]: output.append("\n### Most Helpful Answer") else: output.append("\n### Other Answer") output += [ a.text.strip() for a in".post-content .post-text") ] output.append("\n") text = "\n".join(output).strip() metadata = {"source": self.web_path, "title": title} return [Document(page_content=text, metadata=metadata)]
[docs] def load_device( self, url_override: Optional[str] = None, include_guides: bool = True ) -> List[Document]: """Loads a device Args: url_override: A URL to override the default URL. include_guides: Whether to include guides linked to from the device. Defaults to True. Returns: """ documents = [] if url_override is None: url = IFIXIT_BASE_URL + "/wikis/CATEGORY/" + else: url = url_override res = requests.get(url) data = res.json() text = "\n".join( [ data[key] for key in ["title", "description", "contents_raw"] if key in data ] ).strip() metadata = {"source": self.web_path, "title": data["title"]} documents.append(Document(page_content=text, metadata=metadata)) if include_guides: """Load and return documents for each guide linked to from the device""" guide_urls = [guide["url"] for guide in data["guides"]] for guide_url in guide_urls: documents.append(IFixitLoader(guide_url).load()[0]) return documents
[docs] def load_guide(self, url_override: Optional[str] = None) -> List[Document]: """Load a guide Args: url_override: A URL to override the default URL. Returns: List[Document] """ if url_override is None: url = IFIXIT_BASE_URL + "/guides/" + else: url = url_override res = requests.get(url) if res.status_code != 200: raise ValueError( "Could not load guide: " + self.web_path + "\n" + res.json() ) data = res.json() doc_parts = ["# " + data["title"], data["introduction_raw"]] doc_parts.append("\n\n###Tools Required:") if len(data["tools"]) == 0: doc_parts.append("\n - None") else: for tool in data["tools"]: doc_parts.append("\n - " + tool["text"]) doc_parts.append("\n\n###Parts Required:") if len(data["parts"]) == 0: doc_parts.append("\n - None") else: for part in data["parts"]: doc_parts.append("\n - " + part["text"]) for row in data["steps"]: doc_parts.append( "\n\n## " + ( row["title"] if row["title"] != "" else "Step {}".format(row["orderby"]) ) ) for line in row["lines"]: doc_parts.append(line["text_raw"]) doc_parts.append(data["conclusion_raw"]) text = "\n".join(doc_parts) metadata = {"source": self.web_path, "title": data["title"]} return [Document(page_content=text, metadata=metadata)]