Source code for langchain_community.document_loaders.evernote

"""Load documents from Evernote.
import hashlib
import logging
from base64 import b64decode
from pathlib import Path
from time import strptime
from typing import Any, Dict, Iterator, List, Optional, Union

from langchain_core.documents import Document

from langchain_community.document_loaders.base import BaseLoader

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class EverNoteLoader(BaseLoader): """Load from `EverNote`. Loads an EverNote notebook export file e.g. my_notebook.enex into Documents. Instructions on producing this file can be found at Currently only the plain text in the note is extracted and stored as the contents of the Document, any non content metadata (e.g. 'author', 'created', 'updated' etc. but not 'content-raw' or 'resource') tags on the note will be extracted and stored as metadata on the Document. Args: file_path (str): The path to the notebook export with a .enex extension load_single_document (bool): Whether or not to concatenate the content of all notes into a single long Document. If this is set to True (default) then the only metadata on the document will be the 'source' which contains the file name of the export. """
[docs] def __init__(self, file_path: Union[str, Path], load_single_document: bool = True): """Initialize with file path.""" self.file_path = str(file_path) self.load_single_document = load_single_document
def _lazy_load(self) -> Iterator[Document]: for note in self._parse_note_xml(self.file_path): if note.get("content") is not None: yield Document( page_content=note["content"], metadata={ **{ key: value for key, value in note.items() if key not in ["content", "content-raw", "resource"] }, **{"source": self.file_path}, }, )
[docs] def lazy_load(self) -> Iterator[Document]: """Load documents from EverNote export file.""" if not self.load_single_document: yield from self._lazy_load() else: yield Document( page_content="".join( [document.page_content for document in self._lazy_load()] ), metadata={"source": self.file_path}, )
@staticmethod def _parse_content(content: str) -> str: try: import html2text return html2text.html2text(content).strip() except ImportError as e: raise ImportError( "Could not import `html2text`. Although it is not a required package " "to use Langchain, using the EverNote loader requires `html2text`. " "Please install `html2text` via `pip install html2text` and try again." ) from e @staticmethod def _parse_resource(resource: list) -> dict: rsc_dict: Dict[str, Any] = {} for elem in resource: if elem.tag == "data": # Sometimes elem.text is None rsc_dict[elem.tag] = b64decode(elem.text) if elem.text else b"" rsc_dict["hash"] = hashlib.md5(rsc_dict[elem.tag]).hexdigest() else: rsc_dict[elem.tag] = elem.text return rsc_dict @staticmethod def _parse_note(note: List, prefix: Optional[str] = None) -> dict: note_dict: Dict[str, Any] = {} resources = [] def add_prefix(element_tag: str) -> str: if prefix is None: return element_tag return f"{prefix}.{element_tag}" for elem in note: if elem.tag == "content": note_dict[elem.tag] = EverNoteLoader._parse_content(elem.text) # A copy of original content note_dict["content-raw"] = elem.text elif elem.tag == "resource": resources.append(EverNoteLoader._parse_resource(elem)) elif elem.tag == "created" or elem.tag == "updated": note_dict[elem.tag] = strptime(elem.text, "%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ") elif elem.tag == "note-attributes": additional_attributes = EverNoteLoader._parse_note( elem, elem.tag ) # Recursively enter the note-attributes tag note_dict.update(additional_attributes) else: note_dict[elem.tag] = elem.text if len(resources) > 0: note_dict["resource"] = resources return {add_prefix(key): value for key, value in note_dict.items()} @staticmethod def _parse_note_xml(xml_file: str) -> Iterator[Dict[str, Any]]: """Parse Evernote xml.""" # Without huge_tree set to True, parser may complain about huge text node # Try to recover, because there may be " ", which will cause # "XMLSyntaxError: Entity 'nbsp' not defined" try: from lxml import etree except ImportError as e: logger.error( "Could not import `lxml`. Although it is not a required package to use " "Langchain, using the EverNote loader requires `lxml`. Please install " "`lxml` via `pip install lxml` and try again." ) raise e context = etree.iterparse( xml_file, encoding="utf-8", strip_cdata=False, huge_tree=True, recover=True ) for action, elem in context: if elem.tag == "note": yield EverNoteLoader._parse_note(elem)