Source code for langchain_community.docstore.in_memory

"""Simple in memory docstore in the form of a dict."""
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Union

from langchain_core.documents import Document

from langchain_community.docstore.base import AddableMixin, Docstore

[docs]class InMemoryDocstore(Docstore, AddableMixin): """Simple in memory docstore in the form of a dict."""
[docs] def __init__(self, _dict: Optional[Dict[str, Document]] = None): """Initialize with dict.""" self._dict = _dict if _dict is not None else {}
[docs] def add(self, texts: Dict[str, Document]) -> None: """Add texts to in memory dictionary. Args: texts: dictionary of id -> document. Returns: None """ overlapping = set(texts).intersection(self._dict) if overlapping: raise ValueError(f"Tried to add ids that already exist: {overlapping}") self._dict = {**self._dict, **texts}
[docs] def delete(self, ids: List) -> None: """Deleting IDs from in memory dictionary.""" overlapping = set(ids).intersection(self._dict) if not overlapping: raise ValueError(f"Tried to delete ids that does not exist: {ids}") for _id in ids: self._dict.pop(_id)
[docs] def search(self, search: str) -> Union[str, Document]: """Search via direct lookup. Args: search: id of a document to search for. Returns: Document if found, else error message. """ if search not in self._dict: return f"ID {search} not found." else: return self._dict[search]