Source code for langchain_community.chat_message_histories.postgres

import json
import logging
from typing import List

from langchain_core._api import deprecated
from langchain_core.chat_history import BaseChatMessageHistory
from langchain_core.messages import (

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

DEFAULT_CONNECTION_STRING = "postgresql://postgres:mypassword@localhost/chat_history"

[docs]@deprecated( since="0.0.31", message=( "This class is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. " "You can swap to using the `PostgresChatMessageHistory`" " implementation in `langchain_postgres`. " "Please do not submit further PRs to this class." "See" ), alternative="from langchain_postgres import PostgresChatMessageHistory;", pending=True, ) class PostgresChatMessageHistory(BaseChatMessageHistory): """Chat message history stored in a Postgres database. **DEPRECATED**: This class is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Use the `PostgresChatMessageHistory` implementation in `langchain_postgres`. """
[docs] def __init__( self, session_id: str, connection_string: str = DEFAULT_CONNECTION_STRING, table_name: str = "message_store", ): import psycopg from psycopg.rows import dict_row try: self.connection = psycopg.connect(connection_string) self.cursor = self.connection.cursor(row_factory=dict_row) except psycopg.OperationalError as error: logger.error(error) self.session_id = session_id self.table_name = table_name self._create_table_if_not_exists()
def _create_table_if_not_exists(self) -> None: create_table_query = f"""CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS {self.table_name} ( id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY, session_id TEXT NOT NULL, message JSONB NOT NULL );""" self.cursor.execute(create_table_query) self.connection.commit() @property def messages(self) -> List[BaseMessage]: # type: ignore """Retrieve the messages from PostgreSQL""" query = ( f"SELECT message FROM {self.table_name} WHERE session_id = %s ORDER BY id;" ) self.cursor.execute(query, (self.session_id,)) items = [record["message"] for record in self.cursor.fetchall()] messages = messages_from_dict(items) return messages
[docs] def add_message(self, message: BaseMessage) -> None: """Append the message to the record in PostgreSQL""" from psycopg import sql query = sql.SQL("INSERT INTO {} (session_id, message) VALUES (%s, %s);").format( sql.Identifier(self.table_name) ) self.cursor.execute( query, (self.session_id, json.dumps(message_to_dict(message))) ) self.connection.commit()
[docs] def clear(self) -> None: """Clear session memory from PostgreSQL""" query = f"DELETE FROM {self.table_name} WHERE session_id = %s;" self.cursor.execute(query, (self.session_id,)) self.connection.commit()
def __del__(self) -> None: if self.cursor: self.cursor.close() if self.connection: self.connection.close()