Source code for langchain_community.chat_message_histories.elasticsearch

import json
import logging
from time import time
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, List, Optional

from langchain_core._api import deprecated
from langchain_core.chat_history import BaseChatMessageHistory
from langchain_core.messages import (

    from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@deprecated("0.0.27", alternative="Use langchain-elasticsearch package", pending=True) class ElasticsearchChatMessageHistory(BaseChatMessageHistory): """Chat message history that stores history in Elasticsearch. Args: es_url: URL of the Elasticsearch instance to connect to. es_cloud_id: Cloud ID of the Elasticsearch instance to connect to. es_user: Username to use when connecting to Elasticsearch. es_password: Password to use when connecting to Elasticsearch. es_api_key: API key to use when connecting to Elasticsearch. es_connection: Optional pre-existing Elasticsearch connection. esnsure_ascii: Used to escape ASCII symbols in json.dumps. Defaults to True. index: Name of the index to use. session_id: Arbitrary key that is used to store the messages of a single chat session. """
[docs] def __init__( self, index: str, session_id: str, *, es_connection: Optional["Elasticsearch"] = None, es_url: Optional[str] = None, es_cloud_id: Optional[str] = None, es_user: Optional[str] = None, es_api_key: Optional[str] = None, es_password: Optional[str] = None, esnsure_ascii: Optional[bool] = True, ): self.index: str = index self.session_id: str = session_id self.ensure_ascii = esnsure_ascii # Initialize Elasticsearch client from passed client arg or connection info if es_connection is not None: self.client = es_connection.options( headers={"user-agent": self.get_user_agent()} ) elif es_url is not None or es_cloud_id is not None: self.client = ElasticsearchChatMessageHistory.connect_to_elasticsearch( es_url=es_url, username=es_user, password=es_password, cloud_id=es_cloud_id, api_key=es_api_key, ) else: raise ValueError( """Either provide a pre-existing Elasticsearch connection, \ or valid credentials for creating a new connection.""" ) if self.client.indices.exists(index=index): logger.debug( f"Chat history index {index} already exists, skipping creation." ) else: logger.debug(f"Creating index {index} for storing chat history.") self.client.indices.create( index=index, mappings={ "properties": { "session_id": {"type": "keyword"}, "created_at": {"type": "date"}, "history": {"type": "text"}, } }, )
[docs] @staticmethod def get_user_agent() -> str: from langchain_community import __version__ return f"langchain-py-ms/{__version__}"
[docs] @staticmethod def connect_to_elasticsearch( *, es_url: Optional[str] = None, cloud_id: Optional[str] = None, api_key: Optional[str] = None, username: Optional[str] = None, password: Optional[str] = None, ) -> "Elasticsearch": try: import elasticsearch except ImportError: raise ImportError( "Could not import elasticsearch python package. " "Please install it with `pip install elasticsearch`." ) if es_url and cloud_id: raise ValueError( "Both es_url and cloud_id are defined. Please provide only one." ) connection_params: Dict[str, Any] = {} if es_url: connection_params["hosts"] = [es_url] elif cloud_id: connection_params["cloud_id"] = cloud_id else: raise ValueError("Please provide either elasticsearch_url or cloud_id.") if api_key: connection_params["api_key"] = api_key elif username and password: connection_params["basic_auth"] = (username, password) es_client = elasticsearch.Elasticsearch( **connection_params, headers={"user-agent": ElasticsearchChatMessageHistory.get_user_agent()}, ) try: except Exception as err: logger.error(f"Error connecting to Elasticsearch: {err}") raise err return es_client
@property def messages(self) -> List[BaseMessage]: """Retrieve the messages from Elasticsearch""" try: from elasticsearch import ApiError result = index=self.index, query={"term": {"session_id": self.session_id}}, sort="created_at:asc", ) except ApiError as err: logger.error(f"Could not retrieve messages from Elasticsearch: {err}") raise err if result and len(result["hits"]["hits"]) > 0: items = [ json.loads(document["_source"]["history"]) for document in result["hits"]["hits"] ] else: items = [] return messages_from_dict(items) @messages.setter def messages(self, messages: List[BaseMessage]) -> None: raise NotImplementedError( "Direct assignment to 'messages' is not allowed." " Use the 'add_messages' instead." )
[docs] def add_message(self, message: BaseMessage) -> None: """Add a message to the chat session in Elasticsearch""" try: from elasticsearch import ApiError self.client.index( index=self.index, document={ "session_id": self.session_id, "created_at": round(time() * 1000), "history": json.dumps( message_to_dict(message), ensure_ascii=bool(self.ensure_ascii), ), }, refresh=True, ) except ApiError as err: logger.error(f"Could not add message to Elasticsearch: {err}") raise err
[docs] def clear(self) -> None: """Clear session memory in Elasticsearch""" try: from elasticsearch import ApiError self.client.delete_by_query( index=self.index, query={"term": {"session_id": self.session_id}}, refresh=True, ) except ApiError as err: logger.error(f"Could not clear session memory in Elasticsearch: {err}") raise err