Source code for langchain_community.agent_toolkits.steam.toolkit

"""Steam Toolkit."""
from typing import List

from import BaseToolkit

from import BaseTool
from import (
from import SteamWebAPIQueryRun
from langchain_community.utilities.steam import SteamWebAPIWrapper

[docs]class SteamToolkit(BaseToolkit): """Steam Toolkit.""" tools: List[BaseTool] = []
[docs] @classmethod def from_steam_api_wrapper( cls, steam_api_wrapper: SteamWebAPIWrapper ) -> "SteamToolkit": operations: List[dict] = [ { "mode": "get_games_details", "name": "Get Games Details", "description": STEAM_GET_GAMES_DETAILS, }, { "mode": "get_recommended_games", "name": "Get Recommended Games", "description": STEAM_GET_RECOMMENDED_GAMES, }, ] tools = [ SteamWebAPIQueryRun( name=action["name"], description=action["description"], mode=action["mode"], api_wrapper=steam_api_wrapper, ) for action in operations ] return cls(tools=tools) # type: ignore[arg-type]
[docs] def get_tools(self) -> List[BaseTool]: """Get the tools in the toolkit.""" return