Source code for langchain_community.agent_toolkits.sql.toolkit

"""Toolkit for interacting with an SQL database."""
from typing import List

from langchain_core.language_models import BaseLanguageModel
from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import Field
from import BaseToolkit

from import BaseTool
from import (
from langchain_community.utilities.sql_database import SQLDatabase

[docs]class SQLDatabaseToolkit(BaseToolkit): """Toolkit for interacting with SQL databases.""" db: SQLDatabase = Field(exclude=True) llm: BaseLanguageModel = Field(exclude=True) @property def dialect(self) -> str: """Return string representation of SQL dialect to use.""" return self.db.dialect class Config: """Configuration for this pydantic object.""" arbitrary_types_allowed = True
[docs] def get_tools(self) -> List[BaseTool]: """Get the tools in the toolkit.""" list_sql_database_tool = ListSQLDatabaseTool(db=self.db) info_sql_database_tool_description = ( "Input to this tool is a comma-separated list of tables, output is the " "schema and sample rows for those tables. " "Be sure that the tables actually exist by calling " f"{} first! " "Example Input: table1, table2, table3" ) info_sql_database_tool = InfoSQLDatabaseTool( db=self.db, description=info_sql_database_tool_description ) query_sql_database_tool_description = ( "Input to this tool is a detailed and correct SQL query, output is a " "result from the database. If the query is not correct, an error message " "will be returned. If an error is returned, rewrite the query, check the " "query, and try again. If you encounter an issue with Unknown column " f"'xxxx' in 'field list', use {} " "to query the correct table fields." ) query_sql_database_tool = QuerySQLDataBaseTool( db=self.db, description=query_sql_database_tool_description ) query_sql_checker_tool_description = ( "Use this tool to double check if your query is correct before executing " "it. Always use this tool before executing a query with " f"{}!" ) query_sql_checker_tool = QuerySQLCheckerTool( db=self.db, llm=self.llm, description=query_sql_checker_tool_description ) return [ query_sql_database_tool, info_sql_database_tool, list_sql_database_tool, query_sql_checker_tool, ]
[docs] def get_context(self) -> dict: """Return db context that you may want in agent prompt.""" return self.db.get_context()