Source code for langchain_community.agent_toolkits.playwright.toolkit

"""Playwright web browser toolkit."""
from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, List, Optional, Type, cast

from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import Extra, root_validator
from import BaseTool, BaseToolkit

from import (
from import ClickTool
from import CurrentWebPageTool
from import (
from import ExtractTextTool
from import GetElementsTool
from import NavigateTool
from import NavigateBackTool

    from playwright.async_api import Browser as AsyncBrowser
    from playwright.sync_api import Browser as SyncBrowser
        # We do this so pydantic can resolve the types when instantiating
        from playwright.async_api import Browser as AsyncBrowser
        from playwright.sync_api import Browser as SyncBrowser
    except ImportError:

[docs]class PlayWrightBrowserToolkit(BaseToolkit): """Toolkit for PlayWright browser tools. **Security Note**: This toolkit provides code to control a web-browser. Careful if exposing this toolkit to end-users. The tools in the toolkit are capable of navigating to arbitrary webpages, clicking on arbitrary elements, and extracting arbitrary text and hyperlinks from webpages. Specifically, by default this toolkit allows navigating to: - Any URL (including any internal network URLs) - And local files If exposing to end-users, consider limiting network access to the server that hosts the agent; in addition, consider it is advised to create a custom NavigationTool wht an args_schema that limits the URLs that can be navigated to (e.g., only allow navigating to URLs that start with a particular prefix). Remember to scope permissions to the minimal permissions necessary for the application. If the default tool selection is not appropriate for the application, consider creating a custom toolkit with the appropriate tools. See for more information. """ sync_browser: Optional["SyncBrowser"] = None async_browser: Optional["AsyncBrowser"] = None class Config: """Configuration for this pydantic object.""" extra = Extra.forbid arbitrary_types_allowed = True @root_validator def validate_imports_and_browser_provided(cls, values: dict) -> dict: """Check that the arguments are valid.""" lazy_import_playwright_browsers() if values.get("async_browser") is None and values.get("sync_browser") is None: raise ValueError("Either async_browser or sync_browser must be specified.") return values
[docs] def get_tools(self) -> List[BaseTool]: """Get the tools in the toolkit.""" tool_classes: List[Type[BaseBrowserTool]] = [ ClickTool, NavigateTool, NavigateBackTool, ExtractTextTool, ExtractHyperlinksTool, GetElementsTool, CurrentWebPageTool, ] tools = [ tool_cls.from_browser( sync_browser=self.sync_browser, async_browser=self.async_browser ) for tool_cls in tool_classes ] return cast(List[BaseTool], tools)
[docs] @classmethod def from_browser( cls, sync_browser: Optional[SyncBrowser] = None, async_browser: Optional[AsyncBrowser] = None, ) -> PlayWrightBrowserToolkit: """Instantiate the toolkit.""" # This is to raise a better error than the forward ref ones Pydantic would have lazy_import_playwright_browsers() return cls(sync_browser=sync_browser, async_browser=async_browser)