Source code for langchain_community.agent_toolkits.multion.toolkit

"""MultiOn agent."""
from __future__ import annotations

from typing import List

from import BaseToolkit

from import BaseTool
from import MultionCloseSession
from import MultionCreateSession
from import MultionUpdateSession

[docs]class MultionToolkit(BaseToolkit): """Toolkit for interacting with the Browser Agent. **Security Note**: This toolkit contains tools that interact with the user's browser via the multion API which grants an agent access to the user's browser. Please review the documentation for the multion API to understand the security implications of using this toolkit. See for more information. """ class Config: """Pydantic config.""" arbitrary_types_allowed = True
[docs] def get_tools(self) -> List[BaseTool]: """Get the tools in the toolkit.""" return [MultionCreateSession(), MultionUpdateSession(), MultionCloseSession()]