Source code for langchain_community.agent_toolkits.connery.toolkit

from typing import List

from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import root_validator
from import BaseTool, BaseToolkit

from import ConneryService

[docs]class ConneryToolkit(BaseToolkit): """ Toolkit with a list of Connery Actions as tools. """ tools: List[BaseTool]
[docs] def get_tools(self) -> List[BaseTool]: """ Returns the list of Connery Actions. """ return
@root_validator() def validate_attributes(cls, values: dict) -> dict: """ Validate the attributes of the ConneryToolkit class. Parameters: values (dict): The arguments to validate. Returns: dict: The validated arguments. """ if not values.get("tools"): raise ValueError("The attribute 'tools' must be set.") return values
[docs] @classmethod def create_instance(cls, connery_service: ConneryService) -> "ConneryToolkit": """ Creates a Connery Toolkit using a Connery Service. Parameters: connery_service (ConneryService): The Connery Service to to get the list of Connery Actions. Returns: ConneryToolkit: The Connery Toolkit. """ instance = cls(tools=connery_service.list_actions()) # type: ignore[arg-type] return instance