Source code for langchain_anthropic.output_parsers

from typing import Any, List, Optional, Type

from langchain_core.messages import ToolCall
from langchain_core.output_parsers import BaseGenerationOutputParser
from langchain_core.outputs import ChatGeneration, Generation
from langchain_core.pydantic_v1 import BaseModel

[docs]class ToolsOutputParser(BaseGenerationOutputParser): first_tool_only: bool = False args_only: bool = False pydantic_schemas: Optional[List[Type[BaseModel]]] = None class Config: extra = "forbid"
[docs] def parse_result(self, result: List[Generation], *, partial: bool = False) -> Any: """Parse a list of candidate model Generations into a specific format. Args: result: A list of Generations to be parsed. The Generations are assumed to be different candidate outputs for a single model input. Returns: Structured output. """ if not result or not isinstance(result[0], ChatGeneration): return None if self.first_tool_only else [] message = result[0].message if isinstance(message.content, str): tool_calls: List = [] else: content: List = message.content _tool_calls = [dict(tc) for tc in extract_tool_calls(content)] # Map tool call id to index id_to_index = { block["id"]: i for i, block in enumerate(content) if block["type"] == "tool_use" } tool_calls = [{**tc, "index": id_to_index[tc["id"]]} for tc in _tool_calls] if self.pydantic_schemas: tool_calls = [self._pydantic_parse(tc) for tc in tool_calls] elif self.args_only: tool_calls = [tc["args"] for tc in tool_calls] else: pass if self.first_tool_only: return tool_calls[0] if tool_calls else None else: return [tool_call for tool_call in tool_calls]
def _pydantic_parse(self, tool_call: dict) -> BaseModel: cls_ = {schema.__name__: schema for schema in self.pydantic_schemas or []}[ tool_call["name"] ] return cls_(**tool_call["args"])
[docs]def extract_tool_calls(content: List[dict]) -> List[ToolCall]: tool_calls = [] for block in content: if block["type"] != "tool_use": continue tool_calls.append( ToolCall(name=block["name"], args=block["input"], id=block["id"]) ) return tool_calls