Source code for langchain_ai21.contextual_answers

from typing import (

from langchain_core.documents import Document
from langchain_core.runnables import RunnableConfig, RunnableSerializable, ensure_config

from langchain_ai21.ai21_base import AI21Base

ANSWER_NOT_IN_CONTEXT_RESPONSE = "Answer not in context"

ContextType = Union[str, List[Union[Document, str]]]

[docs]class ContextualAnswerInput(TypedDict): context: ContextType question: str
[docs]class AI21ContextualAnswers(RunnableSerializable[ContextualAnswerInput, str], AI21Base): class Config: """Configuration for this pydantic object.""" arbitrary_types_allowed = True @property def InputType(self) -> Type[ContextualAnswerInput]: """Get the input type for this runnable.""" return ContextualAnswerInput @property def OutputType(self) -> Type[str]: """Get the input type for this runnable.""" return str
[docs] def invoke( self, input: ContextualAnswerInput, config: Optional[RunnableConfig] = None, response_if_no_answer_found: str = ANSWER_NOT_IN_CONTEXT_RESPONSE, **kwargs: Any, ) -> str: config = ensure_config(config) return self._call_with_config( func=lambda inner_input: self._call_contextual_answers( inner_input, response_if_no_answer_found ), input=input, config=config, run_type="llm", )
def _call_contextual_answers( self, input: ContextualAnswerInput, response_if_no_answer_found: str, ) -> str: context, question = self._convert_input(input) response = self.client.answer.create(context=context, question=question) if response.answer is None: return response_if_no_answer_found return response.answer def _convert_input(self, input: ContextualAnswerInput) -> Tuple[str, str]: context, question = self._extract_context_and_question(input) context = self._parse_context(context) return context, question def _extract_context_and_question( self, input: ContextualAnswerInput, ) -> Tuple[ContextType, str]: context = input.get("context") question = input.get("question") if not context or not question: raise ValueError( f"Input must contain a 'context' and 'question' fields. Got {input}" ) if not isinstance(context, list) and not isinstance(context, str): raise ValueError( f"Expected input to be a list of strings or Documents." f" Received {type(input)}" ) return context, question def _parse_context(self, context: ContextType) -> str: if isinstance(context, str): return context docs = [ item.page_content if isinstance(item, Document) else item for item in context ] return "\n".join(docs)