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from typing import (

from langchain_core.stores import BaseStore

K = TypeVar("K")
V = TypeVar("V")

[docs]class EncoderBackedStore(BaseStore[K, V]): """Wraps a store with key and value encoders/decoders. Examples that uses JSON for encoding/decoding: .. code-block:: python import json def key_encoder(key: int) -> str: return json.dumps(key) def value_serializer(value: float) -> str: return json.dumps(value) def value_deserializer(serialized_value: str) -> float: return json.loads(serialized_value) # Create an instance of the abstract store abstract_store = MyCustomStore() # Create an instance of the encoder-backed store store = EncoderBackedStore( store=abstract_store, key_encoder=key_encoder, value_serializer=value_serializer, value_deserializer=value_deserializer ) # Use the encoder-backed store methods store.mset([(1, 3.14), (2, 2.718)]) values = store.mget([1, 2]) # Retrieves [3.14, 2.718] store.mdelete([1, 2]) # Deletes the keys 1 and 2 """
[docs] def __init__( self, store: BaseStore[str, Any], key_encoder: Callable[[K], str], value_serializer: Callable[[V], bytes], value_deserializer: Callable[[Any], V], ) -> None: """Initialize an EncodedStore.""" = store self.key_encoder = key_encoder self.value_serializer = value_serializer self.value_deserializer = value_deserializer
[docs] def mget(self, keys: Sequence[K]) -> List[Optional[V]]: """Get the values associated with the given keys.""" encoded_keys: List[str] = [self.key_encoder(key) for key in keys] values = return [ self.value_deserializer(value) if value is not None else value for value in values ]
[docs] def mset(self, key_value_pairs: Sequence[Tuple[K, V]]) -> None: """Set the values for the given keys.""" encoded_pairs = [ (self.key_encoder(key), self.value_serializer(value)) for key, value in key_value_pairs ]
[docs] def mdelete(self, keys: Sequence[K]) -> None: """Delete the given keys and their associated values.""" encoded_keys = [self.key_encoder(key) for key in keys]
[docs] def yield_keys( self, *, prefix: Optional[str] = None ) -> Union[Iterator[K], Iterator[str]]: """Get an iterator over keys that match the given prefix.""" # For the time being this does not return K, but str # it's for debugging purposes. Should fix this. yield from