Source code for langchain.retrievers.self_query.supabase

from typing import Any, Dict, Tuple

from langchain_core.structured_query import (

[docs]class SupabaseVectorTranslator(Visitor): """Translate Langchain filters to Supabase PostgREST filters.""" allowed_operators = [Operator.AND, Operator.OR] """Subset of allowed logical operators.""" allowed_comparators = [ Comparator.EQ, Comparator.NE, Comparator.GT, Comparator.GTE, Comparator.LT, Comparator.LTE, Comparator.LIKE, ] """Subset of allowed logical comparators.""" metadata_column = "metadata" def _map_comparator(self, comparator: Comparator) -> str: """ Maps Langchain comparator to PostgREST comparator: """ postgrest_comparator = { Comparator.EQ: "eq", Comparator.NE: "neq", Comparator.GT: "gt", Comparator.GTE: "gte", Comparator.LT: "lt", Comparator.LTE: "lte", Comparator.LIKE: "like", }.get(comparator) if postgrest_comparator is None: raise Exception( f"Comparator '{comparator}' is not currently " "supported in Supabase Vector" ) return postgrest_comparator def _get_json_operator(self, value: Any) -> str: if isinstance(value, str): return "->>" else: return "->"
[docs] def visit_operation(self, operation: Operation) -> str: args = [arg.accept(self) for arg in operation.arguments] return f"{operation.operator.value}({','.join(args)})"
[docs] def visit_comparison(self, comparison: Comparison) -> str: if isinstance(comparison.value, list): return self.visit_operation( Operation( operator=Operator.AND, arguments=[ Comparison( comparator=comparison.comparator, attribute=comparison.attribute, value=value, ) for value in comparison.value ], ) ) return ".".join( [ f"{self.metadata_column}{self._get_json_operator(comparison.value)}{comparison.attribute}", f"{self._map_comparator(comparison.comparator)}", f"{comparison.value}", ] )
[docs] def visit_structured_query( self, structured_query: StructuredQuery ) -> Tuple[str, Dict[str, str]]: if structured_query.filter is None: kwargs = {} else: kwargs = {"postgrest_filter": structured_query.filter.accept(self)} return structured_query.query, kwargs