Source code for langchain.memory.simple

from typing import Any, Dict, List

from langchain_core.memory import BaseMemory

[docs]class SimpleMemory(BaseMemory): """Simple memory for storing context or other information that shouldn't ever change between prompts. """ memories: Dict[str, Any] = dict() @property def memory_variables(self) -> List[str]: return list(self.memories.keys())
[docs] def load_memory_variables(self, inputs: Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, str]: return self.memories
[docs] def save_context(self, inputs: Dict[str, Any], outputs: Dict[str, str]) -> None: """Nothing should be saved or changed, my memory is set in stone.""" pass
[docs] def clear(self) -> None: """Nothing to clear, got a memory like a vault.""" pass