Source code for langchain.chains.flare.prompts

from typing import Tuple

from langchain_core.output_parsers import BaseOutputParser
from langchain_core.prompts import PromptTemplate

[docs]class FinishedOutputParser(BaseOutputParser[Tuple[str, bool]]): """Output parser that checks if the output is finished.""" finished_value: str = "FINISHED" """Value that indicates the output is finished."""
[docs] def parse(self, text: str) -> Tuple[str, bool]: cleaned = text.strip() finished = self.finished_value in cleaned return cleaned.replace(self.finished_value, ""), finished
PROMPT_TEMPLATE = """\ Respond to the user message using any relevant context. \ If context is provided, you should ground your answer in that context. \ Once you're done responding return FINISHED. >>> CONTEXT: {context} >>> USER INPUT: {user_input} >>> RESPONSE: {response}\ """ PROMPT = PromptTemplate( template=PROMPT_TEMPLATE, input_variables=["user_input", "context", "response"], ) QUESTION_GENERATOR_PROMPT_TEMPLATE = """\ Given a user input and an existing partial response as context, \ ask a question to which the answer is the given term/entity/phrase: >>> USER INPUT: {user_input} >>> EXISTING PARTIAL RESPONSE: {current_response} The question to which the answer is the term/entity/phrase "{uncertain_span}" is:""" QUESTION_GENERATOR_PROMPT = PromptTemplate( template=QUESTION_GENERATOR_PROMPT_TEMPLATE, input_variables=["user_input", "current_response", "uncertain_span"], )